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zThe Gift

*A Documentary by Louise Hogarth

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Production Credit List



Produced and Directed by:
Louise Hogarth

Mario Del Bello

May Rigler

Music by:
Tom Batoy & Franco Tortora

Music Supervision and Additional Music by:
Alex Menck

Additional Camera:
Gina DeGirolamo
Gustavo Dias

Additional Editing:
Robbi Robb
Bob Lattanzio

Assistant Editor:
Nicole Thomson

Production Consultant:
Robert Hawk

Sound Design:
David Streefkerk

Sound Mix:
Eric Ryan

Still Photographer:
Julia Brandreth

Special Graphics:
Gun-Cock Photograph: James Higginson ©2001
3D Title Sequence by Jeff Stevens

Posters by:
Ed Freeman

Postcard by:
Terry Marcellino

Production Assistants:
Ariel Fox
Vicky Hsu
Israel Cruz
Paul Nankivell
Kristin Ito
Denise Feathers-Dukoff
Elon Rutberg
Aaron Arendt
Laura Andina
Mary Lee
Thomas Rohark
Melissa Corns
Hillel Arron

Thank you to:
all Interviewees
Jim Bloor / Writer Frontiers Magazine
Christopher Harms
Arthur Shafer
John Pinnell
Deej Jones
Dr. Greg Cason
James Ladra
Sunny Rose
Christopher Apt
Rick Corry
Fedor Rogo
Jake Dunno
Bill Gardner
John Singelton
Kenny R. Tison
Joseph Olney
Ashley Michaels
Rafael Rivera
Scott Tickler/Victoria London
Darrian Jackson
Kieren Chavez
Mario Lemos
Davis Berry
Justin Bala-Hampton
Tom Achatz
Enrique AndradeSpecial Mention
David Zeiger
Susan Crutcher
David Speight
Micki Dickoff
Clinton Fein

Special Thanks:
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Michael Weinstein, AHF President
Terri Ford, AHF Director of Advocacy
Ged Kenslea, AHF Communications Director
Beth and Ron Stone
Catherine and Chuck Miller
Lindsay Mofford
Carol Underhill
Sharon Melnick
Aynee Osborn
John Bates
Carol Boyce
Lakshmi Aysola
Lauren Levine
Sherry Moore
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
SF Aids Foundation
California's Anti-Tobacco Media Campaign
Modern Video Films
Frank Bluestein
Laser Pacific
Sheryle Goodhead

Legal Services Provided by:
Anne – Catharina Kedenburg

Roslyn Hammer

Dedicated to:
Cecilia Hogarth my Mother and my hero.


© 2002 Dream Out Loud Productions
All Rights Reserved


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